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Boilers that the right to adjust the amount of wind will help environmental protection importingpanies of boilers in angola think is right and the wind blowing amount adjustment amount of help the environment, but under certain conditions can also play to save energy. The boiler can be determined at the first measuring point in the regulation of air volume above a suitable value of carbon dioxide or oxygen, and then compared with the measured value, to determine whether the air volume needs to be adjusted. If the negative pressure in the boiler and flue operation, the outside air from the furnace will be retaining wall or door is not tight and leak into the flue, obviously more to the rear flue, the flue gas. The higher the value. Therefore, when carbon dioxide or oxygen table table monitoring boiler blower, consider the impact point before measuring air leakage, to determine the value of the boiler suitable carbon dioxide or oxygen at a test point in the actual operation, to arrive at exactly the most good air excess factor is difficult. The adjustment is generally in the combustion flame does not appear dark or black smoke unstable premise, to minimize the amount of air, i.e. oxygen reduced or manager maximize carbon dioxide. During combustion adjustment, in addition to adjusting the amount of air into the furnace, adjusted with air it should also be noted. Boiler induced draft furnace pressure is one of the important operating parameters. The negative pressure outlet during normal operation of the furnace should be 20 ~ 30Pa. When the furnace pressure is too high, leakage will increase the flue and the furnace, the heat losses increase power consumption and increase the induced draft fan; the other hand, if the furnace flame and smoke occurs within the positive pressure, will be sprayed into the furnace Shanghai outside, it will not only affect the environment and health, and even personal accident burns may occur. Therefore, adjustment the combustion process, while adjusting the amount of fuel and the air blowing in, but also adjusting the wind furnace pressure according to the change address the chamber negative pressure is maintained at normal values. When the boiler load increases, the amount of the wind must first increase, then increasing the air supply; the other hand, when the boiler load is reduced, prior to reducing the amount of the wind, to reduce the air supply must first. The furnace pressure was adjusted to the final required value. For positive pressure combustion boiler, the wind volume adjustment issues. Easy to adjust the amount of wind boiler easy, can easily meet your needs, sincerely welcome your advice and business negotiations.

Dongying City, Shandong Province in response to low-nitrogen coal-fired importingpanies of boilers in angolas, industrial waste heat recycling and other environmental policies, combined with local conditions, Dali urban and rural areas to promote clean heating projects, and achieved remarkable results. As of mid-October this year, Dongying City clean heating rate of more than 72%.

Recently, Dongying Municipal Urban Management Bureau to the outside world, in order to further promote the urban and rural clean heating, it has already shut down 10 coal-fired boilers environmental non-compliance of a total of 155MW.

After shutting down 10 coal-fired boilers environmental non-compliance, Dongying City high environmental standards were established in a total of four 58MW gas-fired boiler and a total of four 70MW coal-water slurry boiler through a series of energy-saving treatment, flue gas emissions much higher than the index of new environmentally friendly ultra-low emission requirements.

Meanwhile, Dongying City, the original heating effect is also unsatisfactory 4.33 million square meters of heating regions to establish a uniform heating systems, and the use of standards to ensure clean heat source; higher operating costs for the original 2.17 million square meters of heating area heat source replacement process, both to ensure good heating effect but also saves a lot of money.

According to statistics, this year the city of Dongying city plans to add a total area of ​​clean warm 8.1138 million square meters, down to the next new clean heating in rural areas 45000.

Recently, Dongying City issued a "Dongying City 2018-- 2020 coal consumption reduction alternative work" (the "Program"), after the completion of the city's 10 steam tons / hour and small coal-fired boilers zero and start steaming for 35 out of work t / h coal-fired boilers and, as of 2020, out of 35 steam tons / hour and coal-fired boilers.

Examine the strength of the gas condensing importingpanies of boilers in angola, depending on these four aspects of the gas condensing boiler is a new type of energy saving equipment, its working principle is to use natural gas combustion releases heat, transfer to steam, hot water or other carrier, and then output to the required place; after addition of large latent heat of condensation techniques are utilized portion of the high temperature flue gas to the boiler again, the overall thermal efficiency of the boiler is significantly improved, but also the removal of harmful substances in the flue gas. With the market can supply gas condensing boiler manufacturers gradually increased, boiler product variety, many users are spoiled for choice, then how do we distinguish a reliable, high-performance gas condensing boiler from the thousands of products it? Fast boiler summarizes these four aspects, we look at it together. First, the grades of gas condensing boiler use. Quality distinguish gas condensing boiler, we must first determine its grades. This is due to a gas condensing boiler requires prolonged contact with condensed water, the condensed water and impurities in the boiler may cause some degree of acidification and corrosion; thus, the boiler material selected must be resistant to high levels of ferrite, the material thickness of the foot, in order to ensure its long life. Second, boiler manufacturers technical strength. To identify the quality of the gas condensing boiler, but also the ability to identify when the technology to manufacturers. In general, the establishment of a long time, the capital chain solid and reliable, mature technology of condensing boiler manufacturers more trustworthy, it is a strength of the manufacturers out of the production and processing of gas condensing boilers, their safety and have a great after-sale protection. Third, boiler manufacturers worked with customers intuitive evaluation of the equipment. Identify quality gas condensing boiler can also be confirmed by the company has done its success stories behind the actual use of the user. Hot gas condensing boiler necessarily supply the gas condensing boiler plant equipment and a large number of industries, and has a comprehensive evaluation of the sale, quality, service attitude in many users. Gas condensing boiler has a high reputation of the evaluation also shows that it is recognized by the market. Fourth, the technical boiler manufacturers to provide maintenance support case. Identify selling gas condensing boiler quality, should also understand the situation better after-sale technical support for producers. Equipment in use, may be some failures because of uncontrollable factors such as the operation or use of the environment, good quality gas condensing boiler businesses can provide regular on-site technical training and technical testing to ensure the boiler work state. According to the above four fast boiler for your summary, you can make basic and near-full of discrimination, but if you want to ensure that the gas condensing boiler performance in top form, identifying a manufacturer of boilers and gas condensing boiler high-quality equipment is only the first step, but also to have a detailed understanding of the use of gas condensing boiler operation and maintenance of access points to the next.

Condensing importingpanies of boilers in angola furnace using a technique to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler of the boiler. Condensation technology is: disposed in the interior of the condensing heat recovery boiler fuel combustion absorbing sensible heat and the latent heat release, mainly the sensible heat of the high temperature flue gas generated in the boiler combustion, heat mainly the latent heat released from the condensation of water vapor. We do not underestimate this part of the heat, compared with ordinary boiler thermal efficiency condensing boilers can be 15% -25% higher.

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importingpanies of boilers in angola

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